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Welcome to Brainshambles. 
I channel chaos  into NFT art, and create  space for fun. This is the beginning of something great. 



The Anxious Bulldogs

Anxious Bulldogs is a collection of 1,000 french bulldogs exploring the ethereum blockchain and trying to shake off the woes of the world through eccentric self expression. Inspired by a real life character, this collection was hand drawn and is now available for purchase on OpenSea. While initial pieces were launched on the ethereum blockchain, the collection is also now available on Polygon - gas free. Head on over to OpenSea to get your very own Anxious Bulldog. You can also peruse the rarity listing, here.

Did you know that 15% of sales from the Anxious Bulldogs NFT collection are donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities?

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My name is Shambles and I'm the creator behind Anxious Bulldogs.

It was December 2021. A pretty serious bout of corporate burnout led me to the world of NFTs and all things crypto. Like all things in my life, I bought the ticket and took the ride. All in. Little did I realize just how much this journey would re-ignite my creative passion. 

I am a corporate marketing executive by day, and an NFT artist by night. Mom to twin daughters, and (you guessed it) two french bulldogs. My first NFT collection launched in January 2022 on OpenSea, and I have since documented every part of the journey on TikTok. It has been the most unusual experiment, and I welcome you to join in.

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